BronyCon is in only 100 Days!

Hello, this is Chocolate Pony, and I want to welcome you to my city Baltimore as you know is hosting this year’s BronyCon. As I want all bronies to feel welcomed and get the most of my fantastic city, I will be making a series of guides and maps which I will post here on the Baltimore Brony Tumblr and my deviantart page. All the different post I will collect as a little booklet in PDF form, which you can print out and staple together. If you have any particular questions about Baltimore ask me on my Baltimore Brony Tumblr page and I will answer them as soon as I can. 

The Inner Harbor street map will be posted on Deviantart. As none of the maps I found seemed to located all the important places for a visitor to Baltimore, I just redraw my own map with locations of Convention Center and other landmarks, hotels, and food. The map is roughly approximate. As there are many restaurants and food places I only listed a few major places. 


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    thank you for making this makes me feel a bit better knowing that at least have a ruf idea of whats where
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    I definitely prefer this map over the one Otakon provides. The only thing the Otakon map has over this one are the...
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    To the bronies following me who are going to be attending Bronycon
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    oh my god this is literally the best thing right now
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    THANK YOUUUUUU ISKYYYYUUgo follow this dude they’re rad
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    Brony Con in 82 days staying at the Hilton i think omg i am so freakin STOKEDDD...
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